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Image Carsa Construction Roofing Company is a top general contractor serving McKinney, Frisco and Little Elm for Roof Repairs. If you want to get a new roof and improve the value of your house, then give a call to Carsa Construction right away. Check out our other social profiles as well. Frisco Roofing Experts Provide Tips on How to Prepare for a Storm Even though we are part of an age where weather forecasts are a mere glance away, Mother Nature can sneak up on us unexpectedly and wreak havoc to our homes and roofing . Every year, weather conditions leads to billions of dollars of damage, where property owners have to bear the brunt of it.   During 2005 through 2015, FEMA contributed over $67 billion towards public assistance grants to communities and individuals who were affected by extreme weather. Of that figure, around $13 billion were allocated to households involved in 470 plus disasters resulting from dangerous storms. Although, the n